Naturopathic Medicine

A different kind of doctor, a special kind of medicine, in cooperation with nature

Herbal Remedies

Healthy Eating

Having a healthy diet is a way to prevent health problems and will provide your body with the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Since human nutrition is complex, a healthy diet may vary widely, and is subject to an individual’s genetic makeup, environment, and health. Particular diet plans may be developed for those seeking weight loss or weight gain.

Wellness Appointments
  • While longer than a typical doctor’s appointment, a visit with your Naturopathic Doctor will have many common themes. You will be expected to fill out a patient information and health history form. You will be seen in a private room and have the undivided attention of Dr. Harandi.¬†She will ask you questions about your present and past health.
  • Once a full health history is taken, pertinent physical exams will be conducted.
  • Dr. Harandi will conduct a thorough review of past laboratory reports or findings, and if necessary, laboratory tests may be ordered to fill any gaps in the information.
  • Additional¬†recommendations, such as lifestyle changes, therapeutic exercises, herbs or supplements, or hydrotherapy techniques are made¬†– preferably in cooperation with your primary care provider.
  • The differences will become apparent in the holistic way in which your health is viewed- Mind, Body, and Spirit are all considered – the Whole Person philosophy.
  • During your appointment, you may receive some form of physical medicine if indicated, such as therapeutic massage, myofascial release technique, oseous manipulation, frequency-specific microcurrent, or acupuncture.
  • At the close of your appointment, you will be given any recommendations in writing on a form, a “Wellness Plan”. Based on the philosophy of Doctor as teacher, this has been developed so that you can begin to develop a resource manual of your personal health journey.
  • Every attempt is made to educate you about your body and return the control of your health to your own hands. Educational hand-outs are provided. Many patients choose to keep these in a binder or folder with the Wellness Plan.
  • Maintenance visits are available every 6 months for a comprehensive wellness check. The goal of the visit may be to decrease the amount of supplements taken, offer exercise/movement prescriptions, monitor ongoing progress.

Please call 914-419-9288 to schedule an appointment.

Trust the Healing Power of Nature. - Dr. Layli Harandi
New Patient intake appointments are 60-75 minutes in duration. A full history and pertinent physical exam are performed. New patients please click here for the two forms you will need to complete prior to your first appointment.