Individualized Nutrition

Live a longer, healthier life.

Absence or a deficiency of a necessary nutrient may eventually lead to a disease , or less than optimal health. In addition, deficiencies may affect longevity. The opposite is true. Too much of a particular nutrient may impair health.

Diagnostic tests related to cellular nutrition include direct blood, urine analysis, and hair analysis, including generalized metabolic profile. Specialized studies can quantify levels of vitamins and minerals, digestive function, heavy metal toxicity, and levels of other substances that may prove toxic to our cells, affecting nutritional status. .

 Additional Tests Include:
  • Adrenal Steroid Evaluation: Male hormones, Estrogen Metabolism, Adrenocortex stress, and Menopause profile
  • Nutrients: Amino Acids, Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids, Vit D, Co Enzyme Q10, and Oxidative Stress
  • Neurologic Markers
  • Allergies and Immunology