Myofacial Release

Treat the Cause

Most people have never heard of myofascial release, yet it is an amazingly effective treatment which can help correct posture, restore function and mobility, and reduce or eliminate pain.

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a gentle, non-invasive, advanced hands-on technique aimed at releasing the body’s connective tissue, which is called fascia. Fascia is a tough three-dimensional web of tissue that spreads throughout the whole body from head to foot without interruption. It surrounds all the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, organ, even each individual cell. The fascia will bind down when exposed to physical or emotional trauma, inflammation, or poor posture, resulting in abnormal pressure on nerves, blood vessels, organs, etc. at a pressure of up to 2000 lbs psi. It will also pull the bones and posture out of alignment resulting in improper biomechanics and dysfunction. Consequently, a person may have a restriction in the pelvic area and be experiencing back, neck, shoulder, knee, or ankle pain, or pain in all of these or any other areas. In MFR our motto is “find the pain, look elsewhere for the cause.” Commonly the cause of the pain is not where the pain is located.

Fascia and Cell Health

Not only is the fascia paramount in maintaining posture, its importance goes much deeper, down to individual cell health. Why is this? All cellular exchanges take place within this tissue, which include nutrient intake and waste elimination. When there are restrictions these exchanges are not taking place as efficiently, or maybe not at all. The cell cannot receive nutrients and the wastes it excretes stay stuck in the tissues, building everyday, which can ultimately lead to disease.

The other importance of the tissue to cell health is the flow of energy. Energy carries information and that information is necessary for the body to function properly, otherwise it doesn’t know what to do and will begin to malfunction. Our cells need to communicate with each other through this energy and wherever there is a restriction, energy and the information flow is disrupted. Again, the result may be disease as cells do not receive the things they need to function. Once the fascia is released it is able to rehydrate and these functions are then restored, leading to optimal health.
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