Pain Management

First, Do No Harm
“I am dedicated to discovering and treating the true source of your discomfort.”Layli Harandi, N.D.


  • Tissue damage.     When cells are damaged – from car accident injuries to autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus – these damaged cells release chemical messengers to alert the immune system that something is wrong. In response, the immune system creates inflammation that causes the pain. Getting rid of the pain means finding pain relief therapy that can heal the damaged cells.
  • Inflammation.      Any number of conditions can cause inflammation leading to, Arthritic pain, fibromyalgia pain, chronic sinusitis pain, pain from muscle spasms, joint dysfunction pain and migraines. The automatic response among most conventional doctors is to treat the symptom(s) with medications that cover up the problem. But not only do these pain killers have unwelcome side effects, they also prevent you from discovering and treating the true source of your illness, which is the only true path to healing.
  • Structural imbalances. When your joints are unaligned because of structural imbalances – such as postural problems, injuries or over-worked muscles – it creates friction and pulling. This can lead to tissue damage, which is the cause of the inflammation that triggers muscle spasms and, of course, pain. So stopping the pain means assessing and correcting this structural imbalance.
  • Tight muscles.      Whether stemming from old injuries or an inherent lack of flexibility, tight muscles can cause muscle spasms. These spasms press on nerves and pull structures out of alignment, which creates tissue damage, then inflammation, then pain. We can help release the tightness in your muscles with pain relief therapies so that your joints can be restored to normal alignment – for back pain phoenix, neck pain, migraines, headaches and more.

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